The Bottle School Project @ DLSP Part2


Hello there dear San Pablenios! I am here again to give you an update about the Building of Bottle School only here at San Pablo. It is located near the new San Pablo General Hospital. One of the aims of this project is to help the students from Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo (DLSP). This room is made-up of bottles that’s what you hear made up of 1.5 plastic bottles. yah!! bottles, you read it right! And it’s almost done. As we said to you San Pablenios this project was themed “Plastic Bottles Mo, Kinabukasan Ko” a fund-raising campaign of Mr. Illac Diaz’s. My Shelter Foundation and BM Alarva’s Matatag na Pamilya Movement.

You know what San Pablenios? This project was first in ASIA. proud to say! this is the first bottle classroom in!!! Yet for now it is only classroom that is made with this material but the goal of this project is to build up more bottle classroom or as much as posible.

This project was an Environment-friendly and less expensive.

And to make it a complete Environmental Firendly, additional solar light inside the classroom was added. What a very nice idea!!!

What a nice view for me, this is the outside wall of the classroomit’s not yet done but almost finished, can’t wait to see this project done. Here are some of pictures of that project.

To the founder of this project and to all who are involved in this project and to San Pablo City Government. We salute you! It’s a great Job!

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