PNP SAN PABLO : Feeding Program

According to Mr. Insp. Rolando A. Libed, head of the Community Relations Desk of San Pablo City PNP Station, the group of police were now busy involving theirselves in serving our Community through different projects that is now ongoing. One of their latest Community Service was the “FEEDING PROGRAM” with the help of PRIME MOVERS (PRIMO) for Peace and Progress Association, Inc. San Pablo City Chapter, for the street children which they usually held at the front of our National Hero Monument Dr. Jose P. Rizal in our City, San Pablo City.

Mr. Rolando Libed which also known by the street kids as “Kapitang Inggo” we were able to know some informations on how was the street feeding going on? He said that the Councilors of the PRIMO are the one who prepare the food for the feeding program, and according to them, there’s a 100 children were being fed. After that, they held a program for Personal Hygiene.

“Joyfully attend sunday services whatever your religion is” Mr. Rolando Libed advice to everyone there.

Supt. Leonard L. Luna, the new Chief of Police in our City observed that that the feeding program place a great impact to the lives of every children, the fight were lessen, friendship were build, and from the moment this program begins, some are encouraged to go back to their own home and go back to school again.

This is one of the good things that we should consider. Little acts of good works that place a great impact in the lives of every children. Give them the right attentions that they need, treat them the right way and most important thing about this is to keep them secure at their young age. They might become great leaders too someday.

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