Medical, Dental and Optical Mission in Brgy. San Gabriel San Pablo City


Brgy.San Gabriel San Pablo City (Teomora Phase 2) is having their Free Medical, Dental and Optical Mission through Mr. Efren Janolino (Brgy Chairman). This mission is ongoing from 8:00 in the morning til 12 noon today december 15, 2010. This is in connection with the birthday celebration of Mr. Efren Janolino.

One of the Sponsors for this mission was the ACEBEDO CLINIC. In celebration of Chairman Efren Janolino’s birthday of San Gabriel San Pablo City, ACEBEDO Optical clinic participate with the residents of Brgy. San Gabriel to check their eyes. And those who have been undergone with their  eye check-up will be receive an eye glass (reading glass) for free. This Optical Mission (public service) was headed by Dr. Edwin S. Acebedo and Dr. Germalli S. Garcia of ACEBEDO Optical.

Dr. Nida Glorioso serves as the Team Leader for the said mission. Listed blow are the names of the Doctors who actively participated in the medical mission.

  •        Dr.Nida Glorioso
  • Dr.Maria Victorio Guia
  • Dr.Nemia Bundalian
  • Dr.Ma.Blesilda Reyes
  • DR.Laureana Lacanilao
  • Dr.Miriam Palomar
  • Dr.Gilda VaLena
  • Dr.Jhun Ian Vidal
  • Sheila Calatraba
  • Rustico Baliton
  • Corazon Capuno


This is truly a very memorable birthday celebration for Chairman Efren Janolino, giving time and extending more of his hand on reaching San Pablenios most specially the residents of Brgy. San Gabriel Teomora Village. To you sir and to ACEBEDO Optical we got two thumbs up for you guys!!!

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