First Aid Tips For Fireworks Accidents


HAPPY NEW YEAR!, San Pablo City. Are you ready for this coming new year celebration? Are your fireworks ready? I’m sure yes. But first of all are you ready for consequences of fireworks if accidentally you hurt or you injured by using fireworks? So you better read this first aid method, to have some knowledge if something might went wrong. These first aid are categorize depending on the situation we may have.

I. Burns

  1. Pour cold water on the burned area of the skin to minimize tissue damage.
  2. Paracetamol can reduce pain.
  3. Ointment may also be applied.

Note: The usual practice of putting toothpaste on the burned area is not recommended.
II. Open wounds

The wound must be washed with soap and water. Apply gauze to avoid infection.

III. Eye injury

  • It’s best if you just left it the way it is as it may just worsen the injury
  • A big no-no in rubbing it,rinsing it, or even applying ointment

IV. ‘Watusi’ ingestion

  1. Take egg whites (three to five eggs) to induce vomiting.
  2. Do not eat anything except those eggs.
  3. Lie down with side to the left.

Editor’s Note

First aid is only a procedure to lessen the pain and prevent further infection. It’s best to go to the nearest hospital for a proper checkup. Even if the injury is not that serious, get proper medical treatment in the nearest hospital as it may get worse if you don’t take proper medication right away.

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