Community Immersion at San Joaquin SPC


Brgy. San Juaquin of San Pablo City with Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) conducts a Community Immersion, a puclic service wherein LSPU’s BSIE students and some locals of the baranggay merge together in a project that aims to clean the said barangay.

It was just last October that Brgy. San Juaquin headed by Brgy. Chairman Honrado Samsaman conducted a medical mission with the participation of the nursing students from St. Joseph College of Quezon City, and this time around has launched another public service. The Community Immersion was started Dec. 10 – and will end by tommorrow Dec. 22. It’s actually good to know that this Brgy. has the contineous projects for enhancement and welfare of it’s residents, and we heard that it’s Brgy. Father has been seating for a long time now (now we know why….).

In addition with that, Brgy. San Juaquin SPC expresses and show that they trully care for thier people, with contineous reminders. Great job to those in position in Brgy. San Juaquin, we salute you guys!!!

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