Bridge Painting. Project of San Pablo City Government


Painting bridges are an on-going project and a primary maintenance job for San Pablo City at the moment. It is often the least desirable aspect of the activities on a given City. Cleaning and painting bridges was an expensive operation for me. (my personal view) why? Because there is growing emphasis on environmental, safety, and health related issues, but definitely it adds beautification or aesthetical value for City.

So that’s why the San Pablo City Government has made this as a project to enhance San Pablo City’ aesthetically throught the said bridge painting project. This project was also for preparation for this coming Christmas Season and the nearly Fiestang Bayan Celebration (Cocofestival 2011). Painters said that all bridges in San Pablo City will be painted and be safe for the vehicles because of the warning color that been painted to it,

So to the San Pablo City Government. Two thumbs up for you guys. Keep it up!!!

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